First of all, I’d like thank Tim ‘Spider man’ Garrett for making me superhuman.

Prior to participating in this program, I was just a scrawny, arrogant, four-eyes, Asian kid…

Well, now I am a fit, sexy, super modest (Buddha level), still four-eyes (apparently, HIIT workout doesn’t improve vision), badass Asian man… And you could be one too! (Minus becoming an Asian man if you’re not one already)

Since now my cardio is better, I can roll (jujitsu) forever and play soccer longer.

I can now proudly tell people without shame that my name is The Shuminator.

However, beware that there’s an emotional consequence for being a fit, sexy, four-eyes, badass Asian man (aka the Shuminator).

That is Anxiety/Paranoia.

I’m always anxious/paranoid that I’ll get arrested for illegal possession of big guns on both of my arms since I don’t have a carry permit. Having this emotional burden is painful but it is part of being HIIT fit…so you have to learn to deal with it.

Anyway, this HIIT transformation program only requires you to workout 3 days a week for less than 30 mins. Plus, Coach Tim (Spiderman) requires you to keep eating your favorite carbs throughout the 12-week program unlike what many popular click-bait articles written online by ‘experts’ tell you. When you enroll, Tim will tell you the reasons why…very passionately. Lol.

So in conclusion, this program is awesome!!!
You still don’t believe me?
Just look at my ‘cepts. Nuff said.

-Shumei ‘Shuminator’
R&D Engineer
Jiu-Jitsu practitioner
Soccer player
Single & ready to mingle ;)

I have been working out for many years and TWMA's HIIT Transformation program is by far my favorite! I have lifted weights, done the grueling steady state cardio and had minimal results. I have only been doing HIIT for 4 weeks and have torched a lot of fat! I am able to eat better tasting food also, because I burn it off with the circuits. I don't just eat asparagus and chicken with no flavoring anymore and am loving it! In 30 mins or less, 3 days a week, I can get awesome results and spend as much time in the gym as I used to in one day! It's almost summer and I want to be doing other things, not killing myself in the gym all afternoon. HIIT Transformation works and I am going to stick with it because it is very maintainable and yields the best results of anything I have done.

- Ginny

IT Professional

Fitness Enthusiast

NPC Bikini Division Competitor


I have worked out for years now without the results I wanted. I build muscle very quickly so I had the tendency to "bulk up". This meant in addition to my weights I had to spend way too much time doing cardio to stay lean looking. In the last 10 weeks of HIIT I have lost 4% body fat and feel like I finally have the strong and lean look I have desired for so long. The best part... it is 30 minutes. Anyone of any level can do it since it is a progressive class. Before you realize you are pushing yourself harder than you ever imagined was possible. I am also an avid cyclist. This interval training has made me stronger and faster on my bike. I have invaded the " boys club" with a vengeance as far as my riding is concerned. That for me has made HIIT the most productive training I've ever done. 

- Amanda

Recreation Center Activities Director

Avid Cyclist

Fitness Enthusiast

​I love hiking and backpacking, so I joined the TWMAs HIIT Transformation class to get fit, gain muscle and stamina.  I went on a 10 mile strenuous hike recently and noticed a big difference.  If your wanting to get fit, then this is the class for you.

- Cynthia

Business Professional

Hiker & Nature Love

Transformation Wellness and Martial Arts Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Krav Maga Fitness

TWMAs HIIT Transformation Program was just the beginning of a life changing journey.  I loved watching the changes my body was making, but it doesn't end after 12 weeks, it has just begun.

- Laura


HIIT Transformation Reviews

Transformation Wellness and Martial Arts in a one of a kind studio in the Manchester area. Tim and his wife are trained and knowledgeable professionals who truly want to improve your fitness, confidences, and the ability to protect yourself against unwanted predators and bullies. My boyfriend and I both enrolled in Tim's first HIIT Transformation Program. During this 12-week HIIT class, we both lost body fat and gained muscle, increased our endurance and stamina, and gained self-confidence about our body images. We are currently enrolled in the HIIT T2 class, and loving every minute of it! Tim is a motivating coach who makes working out fun! I would recommend the HIIT class to anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness and health!

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Fitness Enthusiast
Marketing Specialist
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